Detox & Fasting

Is your body holding you back? Get a detox and feel healthier and re-energised. Give your immune system the time to rebuild and give yourself the best chance to overcome this winter’s colds and flu.

What is detox?

In western societies many of us consume pr.ocessed food which includes numerous additives and residues of pesticides and herbicides, in addition to smoking, drinking or using other drugs. At the same time, we breath and absorb through our skin a myriad of different substances from household cleaners to exhaust fumes.

Detox is simply the removal of much of this ‘body pollution’ from our systems. We may need to detox even when we eat what we consider to be perfectly healthy food. For example, many are mildly allergic to gluten and consuming bread, pasta, cereals etc twice a day causes continuing harm to the body.

Detox is a healing process to remove these accumulated by-products of excess or pollution. All foods that contain toxins are excluded from your diet whilst enemas are used to clean the colon.

What is juice detox?

This is simply a way of detoxing that is kinder to the body than fasting. Juice detox ensures that the body’s essential vitamin and mineral requirements are met while the detox process proceeds. In addition herbs and minerals that specifically aid the process of detox are included.

How will it help me?

The body cannot but benefit from an internal spring clean. Your metabolism works better when you remove the toxic overload, you feel more energised, your immune system is reinvigorated and you shed unwanted weight. At the same time the juice fast has an effect on the mind and spirit. Generally the result is a greater sense of well-being, self-confidence and improved sleep pattern. Sometimes it can bring up old memories, emotions or pain but the appropriate treatment can be made immediately available to help you through.

Before you arrive

We ask you start to eliminate some of the worst offenders from your diet a few days before you come. We also ask you to give us a few details of your lifestyle, diet and any health problems so the whole process can be tailored for you.

The retreat

You will need to commit to a minimum of seven days for the detox process to take place. This also has the benefit of being long enough to unwind and gain the benefits of reducing your stress levels. You can also further benefit yourself by learning to meditate or taking other therapies, such as acupuncture or massage, that compliment the process.

Finally, we send you home with a follow up consultation to ensure the good from your course continues and to further help you to integrate the positive changes you have made into your life.