Your Retreat

What we do

  • We provide a space, emotional and physical where you can step back from the pressures of your normal existence.
  • We help you get in touch with your deeper self, that part of you that knows your true potential.
  • We support your exploration of this new personal environment to help you return, renewed to your normal life.

How we do it – personal attention

The most important part of your retreat is the support we provide. These are individual retreats and you get individual attention. On arrival you have an in depth assessment (average time an hour and a half). This usually involves a discussion of your situation and a tentative plan for the retreat. This discussion will be continued each day in the form of ‘check-in’ which usually is around an hour. So depending on what has come up in the intervening 24 hours, plans may be modified. There might be suggested awareness practises, meditation or mindfulness exercises, suggested therapies and homeopathic remedies, helpful books or just what comes from talking. What Jaramuza offers is a one to one relationship with an experienced guide who will help you find new perspectives.

How we do it – the place

You are accommodated in Jaramuza (arabic – the land of moses) in well built apartments each with a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom and bathroom an living space on a small quiet compund with its own pool. Jaramuza in set in a valley between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Lujar mountains amongst orange and olive groves. The village of Orgiva is 30 minutes away on foot and Granada is almost an hour. The peace and simplicity affects all who visit.

The choices

You can go full board, juice detox or self catering

  • Fully catered – We provide food to make your own breakfast. Lunch and evening meals are provided—home cooked healthy food, mainly vegetarian/ vegan. We can accommodate virtually any personal needs.
  • Juice Detox – We provide fresh vegetable and fruit juices and a vegetable broth for supper. In addition various supplements are supplied to ensure the body receives all the nutrients it needs and also to facilitate the removal of toxins. See juice detox for more details.
  • Self catering – We provide an initial pack of standard food items after which you will be responsible for your own meals. We provide you with information on local amenities, small supermarkets and restaurants


As part of your journey in addition to the support of your guide, it may well be recommended that you experience one or more of the therapies on offer. We are very fortunate to have access to such a range of highly experienced therapists – please check the details in therapies / therapists and the prices in Prices and Booking as these cost are not included in the package prices.