Our Approach

Supporting your recovery

Experience how powerful it is to be supported through the process of change within a nurturing and peaceful environment. We provide the opportunity to rest, re-evaluate and move forward with fresh energy and awareness.

Trusting the process of change

We know that change can be challenging but we trust in this transformative process. We have seen how transition is life’s way of providing an opportunity for self discovery. It is asking us to embrace new ways of being. When we trust this process, go with it, respect it – the results can be far beyond anything we may have imagined.

Believing in your resourcefulness

We understand that the challenges which life presents enable us to grow and become resourceful human beings. We trust in your resourcefulness – even when you might have lost touch with it yourself – and in your capacity to find your way through.

Commitment to you

We are committed to you and your journey and to working creatively with you to re-set your life-compass. As part of that commitment, we are always available for follow-up telephone support after your return home.