Our Therapists

Sophia Haitzmann


Sophia was trained in classical homoeopathy at the acclaimed Samuel Hahnemann School in Switzerland. Today, she embraces the core truths of many clinical orientations and draws on a number of therapeutic practices to help initiate and guide the individual’s healing process effectively. Sophia has years of experience hosting and caring for people. She is known for her balanced life-style, her kindness and her wisdom.

Ziza Fernandes Sagy


Ziza is a licensed Reflexologist and Art teacher. She graduated from the Institute for Reflexology, Los Angeles, California, and has had over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience. Ziza has a unique talent in helping clients understand and connect between present symptoms and past life experiences. She does it by using a special blend of Foot Reading and Reflexology

Yair Sagy


Yair is a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Shiatsu therapist. He graduated in 1992 from Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in California. For the last fourteen years, Yair has been treating patients and teaching Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Qi Gong. During the last three years, Yair has been perfecting his ability of reading the body Auras, chakras, and meridian system. By applying this ability during treatments, he helps the client understand the Body-Mind Interaction and its contribution to presenting symptoms.

Melissa Lotus-Whitefield


Has been on a path of spiritual and personal growth for over thirty years. She is a well respected group facilitator, qualified counsellor, yoga teacher and healer. She has a wide background in meditation and complementary medicine, being trained in acupuncture and various forms of healing. She has worked as a guide in retreats in the UK and Spain where she is known for her gentle and compassionate approach. She uses an eclectic mix of all she has learned to help you release your joy and true potential. She has a Cert Councelling including couples councelling . Cert Focusing. Licentiate of Acupuncture. Cert Esoteric Healing and Integral Yoga. Her website iswww.cathylotus.co.uk



Veronika is a Naturopath who works as a Nutritional Consultant, Detox Leader and Raw Food Chef. After two weeks on a Raw Food Retreat, she experienced a complete life transformation and began intensively researching health and nutrition and experimenting with cleansing and fasting. She then studied Naturopathy at the Alternative Medicine College of Canada to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle. She works at several retreat centers and has experience running her own retreats and food preparation courses. She takes a practical approach to health and nutrition, with an emphasis on whole foods and super-foods. She enjoys empowering clients by educating them on how to make better health choices, without sacrificing emotional and social needs.

Oliver Haitzmann


Oliver has been trained and has practiced systemic constellations for some 8 years for organisations, families, and individuals to gain insight into their deeply rooted interdependencies and entanglements. In his former profession as civil engineer and consultant on land management and geographic information systems for mainly international projects, he gained an insight into intercultural and interfaith problems, which led him to further training in mediation and facilitation. Recently Oliver has combined systemic constellation and solution focused brief therapy to lead clients to options for change and new-orientation in life.


Carol trained as an aromatherapist with the London School of Aromatherapy in 1988/9 and has been practicing holistic aromatherapy massage since then, firstly in the UK and then in Spain since moving here 8 years ago. For over 30 years Carol has had a strong, passionate commitment to personal and spiritual growth and development. Her healing journey began with an interest in and teaching whole food vegetarian cookery. She went on to become involved in the co-councelling movement in the 80’s, and in Buddhism where she learned to meditate regularly, also to practice regular yoga. Carol has trained in Reflex therapy and is a qualified baby massage instructor. She incorporates polarity balancing techniques and hands-on healing in her treatments. Her very full life is now closely connected with nature, and she makes her own infused oils in a base of sweet almond oil, using jasmine, orange flowers and roses from her extensive and beautiful organic garden in the hills above Orgiva.


Arantza is originally from the Basque country, northern Spain. She also lived in the UK for many years, and has now settled in this part of Andalucia. She loves to practice Zen meditation and teaches’ The Open Way’. After graduating as a yoga teacher with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India, she studied other techniques, including the Iyengar method and the Dynamic Yoga method. She also trained in traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand and graduated with distinction.

Kim Chandler

At an early age Kim had a deep connection with Music. She studied performing arts at Italia Conti and went on to an HND BA Hons Degree in performing arts. KIm then became a singer/songwriter and it was during this time that she was inspired by the science and healing power of sound vibration. In 2006 Kim qualified as a Sound Practitioner, which enables her to diagnose problems and bring the body back to its Optimum Frequency using sound – see Sound Therapy for more details.