Juice Detox

The Juice Detox is your opportunity to draw a line in the sand and start afresh. Using a balanced combination of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, together with a regular colon cleansing regime, your body can be purified of accumulated toxins.

This provides a much-needed rest for the internal organs. It promotes and restores the glandular, metabolic and nervous-system functions; speeding up the elimination of morbid accumulations, toxic wastes and dead cells; accelerating new cell and tissue generation, reinvigorating the Immune system. And unwanted weight is eliminated without starving the body of essential nutrients.

Maintaining your body in the best possible physical condition is more important than ever in these days of pandemic diseases such as swine flu.

In parallel, the mind and spirit are also affected. The major religions all practice fasting in one form or another and the juice detox has a similar effect. The inner self which is in touch with your real needs and is normally hidden away, is allowed to come to the surface and life decisions taken in this situation are likely to be more relevant to your personal path.

Mind Body Acupuncture

Mind-body acupuncture is a powerful tool to diagnose and heal physical, emotional and spiritual disease. The essence of the therapy is to observe the energy imbalances within a person and then work to assess why these have arisen. The next stage is a process of letting go of these issues, and finally creating tools that you can utilize to help you with a new approach to life.

All healing, be it mental or physical, takes place in the present moment. Being able to be, and actually stay, present is the key to your salvation and well being. By using your consciousness in the present moment to illuminate your agitated mind you can observe its negative tendencies and redirect it towards healing. By being present with your physical and energetic self exactly as it appears in the present moment you can undergo a powerful transformation. Presence is the greatest healer; it has the power to eradicate all mental and emotional maladies if you allow it.

In most cases acupuncture is used to conclude the session. It allows you to relax while the needles rebalance the energy system. Acupuncture has a powerful effect on the mind and the body, and swiftly redistributes the blocked energy all over the body. It is critical that the patient acquires a deep understanding of the interaction between their life experience, mental state and attitude prior to the use of acupuncture. If you use only acupuncture without relating to your behavioural patterns then it is likely that the symptoms could return in the same, or another, form. By understanding the root of the problems a greater level of healing is possible.


Homeopathy is an holistic system of medicine. Although its origins can be traced back to ancient greece, modern Homeopathy was invented by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor, about 200 years ago. It is the second most widely used form of medicine for primary care in the world today. Many doctors now refer patients to professional homeopaths and many private health companies consider homeopathic treatment a good investment.

Homeopathic remedies act by stimulating your own defense mechanism and healing system. The original material of the remedy is diluted down to the extent that the healing action is operating on the energy system not on a purely physical level.

Homeopathy is not just a placebo. It is proven to be effective in the treatment of babies and animals, who have no preconceptions. Remedies are gentle acting with no known side effects or interactions and are non-addictive.

Transactional Analysis (T.A.)

The Model was originated by Eric Berne; many will recall his books including ‘Games people play’, ‘What do you say after you say hello?’ which first popularised it in the 60’s and 70’s.

There are many facets of this model but the fundamental and original idea is of three aspects of the personality called ego states. These are called ‘Parent’, ‘Adult’ and ‘Child’. The language used is simple and straight forward to facilitate understanding by all. The ideas however follow from extensive experience, have been elaborated my many authors and offer profound insights into various aspects of life including education, organisations and therapy.

Philosophical assumptions of T.A.; that the client can think, that they are of the same value and status as the therapist, they can decide their own destiny and can change this. Further it is an open method of therapy where the therapist shares the model and what comes from it with the client who can therefore take away and use this in further reflection and growth.

A ‘Contract’ or agreement of how and what work will be undertaken is a fundamental of TA. Thus the client outlines what they want to achieve and, how this might be done is worked out in consultation with the therapist. There is also a look at how the client might sabotage their own progress and how they will know when they have achieved what they want. This makes the goals concrete and definite and therefore more likely to be achieved.

The session begins with Foot Reading: information is gathered from your feet regarding your past experiences and present tendencies and then reflected back to you. This information will help you understand why you experience hardships and obstructions in your life and what are the best ways in which you can change patterns or strengthen weaknesses.

After the Foot Reading comes the holistic Reflexology part of the session in which the transformational process that the client has chosen to work on is supported physically. Including opening blockages, reducing stress and alleviating pain. In many cases there is a direct relationship between the physical and emotional problems.

Aromatherapy, Healing Massage

This treatment combines the benefits of a full body massage with the healing properties of essential oils. The oils, or essences, are derived from many different aromatic plants, including trees, herbs, flowers and fruit. Many are known for their powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, as well as for their more subtle effects on the mind and emotions. The massage itself lasts about 80 minutes. The deep relaxing pace of the massage, combined with polarity balancing techniques, encourages a profound sense of wholeness and connectedness both within the physical body and with the greater reality.

The periods of hands-on stillness bring the attention fully into the present moment and a sense of healing is frequently experienced. To quote one of my regular clients “I feel like I’ve been put back together again”.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations show with startling clarity WHAT IS.
It becomes literally visible to a client of a constellation, where energy flows, how forces act or block the (life-) flow. This applies equally in a personal or family relationship as well as in a workplace context. It is the dynamics of a family system, or the hidden reasons behind a stressful situation or mobbing situation which become visible.

The elements of the system, – e.g. the members of a family – are filled by so-called representatives who normally have no knowledge of the situation. The representatives ‘adopt’ the positions of the family members and begin to experience the relationship of the family system inwardly. The facilitator asks the representatives and if necessary. brings new elements into the system and leads the solution-oriented process. It is equally astounding for those acting as representatives and the clients, how the representatives are able to experience the clients situation without any prior knowledge.

For various issues, systemic constellations provide in a very short time maximum recognition. Concrete alternatives to old pattern will be shown. Participation in a constellation sharpens one’s own perception. Relationships are assessed differently in the future.

Starting point and source of energy of every constellation is a clearly formulated objective and a clearly formulated question of the client, which is normally defined in preliminary talks with the facilitator.

Old family or system patterns or beliefs are – if they show up – dissolved, with an awareness of the positive feedback in real life.

Possible concerns related to stress or burn-out situations may be:
– I’m exhausted, angry and powerless – why?
– How do I get back my strength?
– Finding my strength for the ‘New’.

Potential concern in work situations:
– Am I in the right place at my work?
– I feel bullied/mobbed. Why?
– What are the dynamics at my work place?
– How do I open the door to new job opportunities?
– It can’t go on like this. What can I do? What do I have to change?

In cases of eating disorders:
– Food as a substitute. What do I want to ‘swallow’ with food?

Relationship issues:
– Why do I get always the same type of person?
– How do I show my emotions without feeling weak?
– Why am I not able to experience deep relationships?
– Why do I feel so dependent on my partner?

A typical sequence of a constellation:

  • The client describes his concern.
  • The facilitator suggests which positions (elements of the system) to be filled in the constellation.
  • The client chooses a representative for each individual position.
  • The representatives are positioned by the client in the room.
  • The client sits and watches the constellation.
  • The first image reflects the status quo of the situation.
  • The facilitator interviewes the representatives.
  • The facilitator proposes other positions in space and/or clarifying dialogues.
  • The client takes his pòsition in the final frame and takes it into himself.
  • The representatives are dismissed and leave their roles.

Meditation and Mindfullness

Meditation and mindfulness, or living in the moment simply observing one’s perceptions, can be a form of meditation. There are many forms of meditation and most of these provide spiritual and personal growth. They can be used for example, to relax, to connect with old memories, to deepen a sense of self awareness, to digest or deal with old or recent trauma, and to enable accurate perception of our lives unclouded with past beliefs. Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn has introduced mindfulness and meditation with great success in hospitals in the USA.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy works on the basis that everyone and everything around us is vibrating constantly. Each individual resonates at their own frequency, which is know as their Optimum Vibration Frequency. This frequency can be altered by external frequencies including ancestral memories and personal traumatic experiences which affect us on a cellular level. This can create a dissonant frequency, which prevents us from resonating at our Optimum Vibration causing disharmony and possible disease etc. Our bodies are over 70% water and are deeply affected throughout our lives by external energies including negative influences of modern day living.

Sound therapy helps to restore balance to our physical and spiritual being by shifting the frequency in the body back to its Optimum Vibration.