Take action sooner rather than later. If we do not take responsibility, we reinforce the idea that things happen to us and that we are victims of circumstance and therefore trapped. We are not.

Free yourself from this disempowering feeling by not fighting against your circumstances but accepting without judging. Try to observe your situation without emotion – just make a mental note of all the factors that are putting you under pressure and retain a feeling of peace and tranquility whilst you do so. This way you take the first step in liberating yourself from the Past.

Start a new regime

Try the following suggestions:

1.   Exercise softly and gently

Walk in the fresh air, swim, dance, do yoga, tai chi, chi gong, or meridian exercises.

Do not push yourself too hard, be gentle and have fun with what ever you choose to do.

Regular exercise will improve your well being after just a few weeks.

2.   Choose a therapy treatment

Try Cranial osteopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, Tai massage or Homeopathy.

If you feel better afterwards make time to have further treatments regularly.

3.   Make time to reflect

Bring some quality time into your day – it only needs to be a few minutes:

  • Simple breathing techniques, where you focus on your breathing and deeply relax into your body
  • Relaxing music
  • Meditation
  • Quiet time or prayer, any spiritual practice that brings you to your inner peaceful space where your mind comes to rest
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Treat yourself with the same care and gentleness that you would give to your baby
  • Join a yoga group, or other class for exercise and meditation

4.   Detox your body

  • Start your day with body temperature water with some lemon juice
  • Include as much vegetables and fruits (as fresh and organic as possible) in your diet and avoid fast food
  • Prepare your food with love and care, and eat slowly, mindfully and with joy
  • Avoid eating whilst under stress or when angry
  • Avoid coffee, black tea, white sugar, alcohol, carbonated drinks

Start now. If you would like more information please consult one of our therapists. Or book a course!